Do not let people disrespect you

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If you are expecting a tech post, this is not for you. This post is about dealing with people in life in general.

As we get older, we meet so many different types of people. Some were temporary and long gone Some continue to be part of your life. Some will treat you as an option, but some will go to great lengths to demonstrate how much value you.

What I realized over the past few years is when people tell you something, take it with a graind of salt, and do not keep your hopes up for anything. People can give you promises, but at the end they may do the opposite and expect saying sorry is enough for their actions.

When they disrespect you, do not get mad at the person nor show your angers to them. Just tell them what they did was disrespectful to you, and move on with your life. Arguing with the person or questioning them for their action is meaningless. You cannot expect everyone to be great. It is better to accept them for who they are and continue with your life.

As a fan of Seneca books and Stoicism, this is my favorite quote.

You wouldn’t return a kick to a mule or a bite to a dog. You’d just move on.
You say, “Oh, that’s what dogs and mules do.”

You need to stand up for yourself and not let people walk over you. You need to set the boundaries, and when the person crossed the line you can take either one the action

  • Ignore the insult, and move on with your life
  • Tell the person that it is disrespectful, call them out and stand your ground. However, you are not supposed to insult back.

Whatever action you may take, how the person responses will tells you whether that particular person is worth your time or not. Also, you have to be willing to walk away when that person choose to disrespect you.